Principal’s Message

It is a matter of great pride and pleasure to present the latest issue of the college News Magazine Gyan Pushp- a rainbow of thoughts and memories of various activities for the holistic development of the students.

Dear readers, we are meeting at an anxious time as we are evidencing dramatic changes in the world. The Covid-19 impact is everywhere. It has reduced the human activities and has affected the global economy, tourism, trade, manufacturing, games and sports, environment, health, lifestyle and many more social and economic crises. Adverse effect has also been seen on education. As a preventive measure to curb the further spread of the Covid-19 pandemic all the educational institutions closed their premise due to nationwide lockdown.                                 

It is rightly said that the time of crisis is the time to innovate. Here technology paves the way to continue learning. Though unprepared to face the deep challenges involved in this   transition, educational institutions immediately build emergency remote learning system. Entire education system shifted from traditional campus classes to distance mode. Students and teachers connected themselves virtually through online classes for teaching learning process depending upon networks and technology via mobile phone and laptop devices. Seminars, conferences, workshops, professional development programs, examination and evaluation, assessment of skills, co- curricular activities etc. all were in virtual mode. Undoubtedly, it was forcefully.

Everything was happening for the well-being of the students so that they can stay safe at home without getting affected by the life threatening virus. It is fair to say that this is not quite the end to the difficult times that we are hoping for. The Covid-19 pandemic and spreading of its variant is on top of mind for us all. We don’t know how the next variant will hit us. The virus can adapt and change and so must we if we want to win.

We need to continue to be responsible to preserve our health and the people around us. We need to stay vigilant and adhere to all the Covid-19 precautions. The most real enemy is complacency. If we let our guard down, we may see an unwelcome resurgence and nobody want that. We are our own best defense. We have the knowledge and we have the determination.

I appreciate your efforts through these difficult years. You have done brilliantly to ensure that our college remains safe during this health crisis.

Let’s continue following all the precautions and protocols to get through this together and keep our college a healthy and happy place to learn and share knowledge.                                                      

Wish you all the Best                     

Mrs. Manjit Kaur

Acting Principal