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  1. To achieve the academic excellence by promoting innovative practices in teaching-learning process.
  2. To acquaint the teacher trainees with scientific and research temperament.
  3. To enable the teacher trainees to proficiently use ICT to disseminate the curriculum contents.
  4. To generate the passion among teacher trainees of being loyal to the teaching profession.
  5. To mould the teacher trainees into professional teachers with serving attitude.
  6. To provide educational and vocational guidance to prospective teachers for future success.
  7. To develop communication skills among prospective teachers through the application of educational technology.
  8. To cultivate organizational skills through teamwork, collaboration and cooperation.
  9. To endorse awareness about recent innovations and trends for meeting the future promises of the global world.
  10. To provide supportive skills to teacher trainees to mentor the learners.
  11. To develop teacher trainees into persona with constructive attitude towards society.
  12. To develop leadership qualities among prospective teachers to give new direction to the society.
  13. To develop democratic discipline among teacher trainees by assuring their rights along with responsibilities.